Kootenay Farm to Folk



STARTING THURSDAY MORNING, you can order, and we will bring your food to you, that day. Stay home.

If you’re still at your place of business, we will bring it there as well! Every week we have A LOT of fresh food coming in to restock, so you can be rest assured there will be enough to go around.

If we’re going to get ahead of this, as a city, we ALL need to work together to make sure everyone is safe. Will our sales go down? Most definitely. Do we care more about money than safety? NO.

We will still continue with our weekly food box orders, and will be delivering those as usual on their designated days. If you’d like to sign up for that, it’s an AMAZING program! For Cranbrook pick up, on Friday’s, we will be there to give you your orders, or we can bring them to you 😊

We know this will be an inconvenience to some of our customers, but we feel this is the right thing to do, given the uncertainty of days ahead.

We are SO GRATEFUL to all of our customers for all of the support in the weeks to come!

Best wishes, The Embury Family Farm to Folk

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Please only contact them for real business needs. Everyone is trying hard right now.